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We are committed to the environment, health and safety of the Industry and those touched by our service. Our safety record is testimony to this and is an achievement that all inspectors are proud to be part of.
We know we can deliver the right people where they are needed, when they are needed. We work closely with clients to ensure that ultimately we meet their requirements and are flexible in our approach.
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Wire Rope
PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

Wire Rope

A selection of familiar certified wire rope courses intended for Inspectors, Suppliers and Managers. Useful also for those who sell wire rope and lifting accessories.

Wire Rope Inspector

Wire Rope Inspectors are trained to recognised American, European and International standards. Certificates will be awarded to successful candidates at Levels One (Basic), Two (Experienced) and Three (Advanced). A number of open courses are available but the majority of courses are delivered on customer site on or offshore.

Wire Rope Familiarisation

An Intensive one day course intended for those who manage or sell steel wire rope or who manage inspectors of steel wire rope. Typically; Marine, Field & Construction Engineers, Superintendents & Foremen, and Suppliers & Sales Staff.

Wire Rope (Resin) Socketing

Courses are carried out at customer site and limited to available facilities. Candidates will be certified to acceptable standards on successful completion.
Lifting Gear
PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

Lifting Gear

These programmes are intended for users of lifting gear and those involved in the statutory inspections of lifting gear (Accessories) in service. Courses are also suitable for those who are involved with, or give advice to, users of lifting gear. The programmes aim provide delegates with a thorough grounding of the European law and Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP’s) pertaining to lifting gear, to teach the statutory requirements for, inspection, rejection and reporting of lifting gear in service, and to provide some practical advice to those who attend.


Many companies are turning to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations which has special legal status in Europe. You don’t have to comply with it but you may have to prove that what you are doing is as good. This presentation will give all interested companies and attendees an understanding and interpretation of what LOLER is.

Lifting Gear Inspector (International)

This 3-day course is aimed at Inspectors who are required to inspect lifting accessories using common acceptable codes of practice. It refers to LEEA’s Code of Practice and various other International, European, American and where appropriate local National standards and legislation. Download the PDF for more information.
Training for Trainers
PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

Training for Trainers

Courses here are intended for those who have a practical skills and/or experience in various operations particularly in relation to fabrication or lifting operations.
Courses aim to train those to an acceptable training standard using Methods of Instructional Techniques (MOIT).
Suitable candidates will include foremen, supervisors, managers and inspectors. Attendees will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of their particular skill during the course.

Lifting Operations Instructor

Limited to six candidates this course is an extremely intensive five day programme. Some candidate preparation may include time outside normal working hours. Candidates need to demonstrate knowledge of lifting operations during the course as well as proving their ability to instruct.
Safety Training
PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

Safety Training

We can deliver a range of safety related programmes for on-shore or off-shore operations. These can be customised to suit the audience and delivered at our or your venue in English and/or Bahasa.

Permit to Work (PTW)

This competency unit is aimed at people occupying supervisory level, i.e. Foreman up positions. More specifically it is aimed at those who are required to sign PTW. Maximum class size is 12.

Confined Space Entry

This OSHA compliant confined space course is designed for all personnel directly or indirectly involved in work associated with a confined space. Any person who is required to issue permits for confined space entry, supervise a confined space entry, enter a confined space for whatever reason, act as a standby person, or be involved in a confined space rescue team, must attend this 4 hour programme. Course are restricted to a maximum of 12 attendees.

Task Risk Assessment

Limited to 12 attendees, this course is primarily aimed at personnel who are involved in planning tasks that are potentially hazardous and therefore attendees should be employed or potential to be employed at the Supervisor level.

Hydrogen Sulphide (Sulfide) Awareness

Hydrogen Sulphide poses a serious threat to people or assets because of its extremely toxic and corrosive properties. It is important, therefore, for all personnel who may stay and work in an environment with potential for exposure to H2S gas to be competent in emergency response practices during accidental release of H2S.This 4 hour presentation aims to satisfy that requirement. Maximum number of attendees is 15.

Incident Investigation

This two day course is for a maximum of 12 attendees and is designed for anyone responsible for investigating and/or analysing incidents or tasked with developing corrective / preventive actions to prevent recurrences. A good command of the English language is advised.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)

Limited to 20 attendees, this course provides an introduction to behaviour-based safety. It is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders, but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. It may be of particular use to Health and Safety Auditors, Representatives and Officers or Managers.
PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy


PT Wire Rope Training and Consultancy was established in 2012 and is devoted to developing wire rope and lifting gear specialists, managers and inspectors. The Company is a Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) accredited training provider. In accordance to meet the industry needs, we provide collaboration for company, training provider and interested parties. For more information mail to

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PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy

PT Wire Rope Training and Consultancy was established in 2012 and is devoted to developing wire rope and lifting gear specialists, managers and inspectors. The Company is a Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) accredited training provider. Our training helps businesses operate safely, efficiently and sustainably, building career opportunities for the people they employ.

PT Wire Rope Training & Consultancy
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